MIDI Controllers

DIY DJ Deck MIDI controller

After my first DIY attempt with conversion of old DJ mixer to USB MIDI controller I realize that would be great to have complete setup created by DIY way. DJ USB MIDI Mixer was done so I had to focus to control of the virtual DJ decks in TRAKTOR (or whatever DJ software like SERATO or MIXXX), so I started the journey of my own DIY DJ Deck MIDI controller.

Stanton RM 3S - old analog DJ mixer conversion to USB MIDI connection

I had old Stanton RM-3S analog mixer in my basement unused for few years so I decide to do something with it. Because time has changed I already use setup with two turntables (old Vestax PDX2000) and MIDI mixer so I decide to modify it to the actual needs - convert it to USB MIDI mixer usable with DJ software like TRAKTOR..